Level 5 Intermediate Diploma in Counselling Supervision

Who is the course for?

The course is for counsellors who have at least two years post-Diploma counselling experience and who want to train to be a Supervisor. 

How Long is the Course? 

It is taught over 5 two-day modules, lasting overall around six months. 

Where are Courses taking place? 

In 2016 we are planning a Supervision Diploma course in Market Harborough to run from June to November.  Please see the "Course List" for further information and to download an application form.

Who Accredits the course? 

The course is accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB).  It is recognised by the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC).

What will I be taught? 

The basic model of Supervision taught on the course is the Page & Wosket Cyclical Model but students are also introduced to other models as part of the training.  In addition, students will learn about the following:

  • Moving from being a Counsellor to a Supervisor - what's different?
  • Challenges, pitfalls and rewards of being a professional Supervisor
  • How to supervise different counsellors, from trainees to highly experienced practitioners
  • Boundaries, confidentiality issues and the challenge of dual roles
  • Moral, ethical and legal dilemmas facing supervisors, includign lively case studies and role plays
  • Setting up a private practice vs working for an agency
  • Different types of Supervision, including how to run a Supervision group
  • Working with difference, including cross-cultural Supervision
  • Spiritual dynamics
  • Transference, Projection and Parallel Process
  • Creative Supervision
  • Feedback, Assessments, Reviews and Reports

Sessions are lively, humorous and interactive, with highly illustrated PowerPoint slides and detailed handouts.  Creative interventions are tried out, tutors give live demonstrations and a mixture of plenary sessions and working in small groups keeps the energy and interest levels high.  Each student receives a comprehensive course manual.

What work will I have to do?  

  • 2 essays of 3,000 words each
  • Case study of 3,500 words
  • Learning Journal
  • 40 Criteria to be covered
  • 2 Group projects

In addition each person does a live 30-minutes supervision session on a fellow-student which is a very rich learning environment for the whole group.  The Live Assessment is then written up using feedback from tutors and fellow-students. 

 What Students said about the course 

"The course gave me new insight into what it really means to be supervised and how to help other counsellors be excellent at what they do.  All in all an enlightening, mind broadening and Godly experience!"

"I have been stimulated, challenged, affirmed, encouraged as well as educated.  Lots of group work, interaction and role play."

"I was transformed from being a counsellor to a supervisor which I never thought possible a year ago.  It is such an informing course and I would recommend anyone who wants to be an effective supervisor to join it."